The CD "The Missing Voice" the book "Courage"

The Children's book " My brother was"


The CD- The Missing Voice "Hakol HaHaser:

The Hoter Family has made a CD in memory of Gavriel called "the Missing Voice". It contains 8 songs that we sang with Gavriel and without him during the mourning period. Two of the songs were written by Gavriel's sister Michal.

The musical directors are Yonatan Razel and Israel Edelstein and the Hoter family are accompanied by leading Israeli musicians.

The CD also includes a video about Gavriel's life. There are 2 versions to the CD, the Hebrew version and the English version. In the English version the song "Wrapped in a Tallit" is performed both in Hebrew and in English and the film is captioned and has voice over in English.


For a taste of the disc click here: Song 2 gam ke elech

Song 8 Matishtachochi nafshi



Book of the Forty-Eight Midot "Courage"


Forty-eight leading rabbis and friends of the family have each written about one of the 48 character traits through which the Torah is acquired (Ethics of the Fathers 6:6). The book is in Hebrew and we hope will be used in schools, colleges and yeshivas. Each of the chapters is accompanied by stories and anecdotes about Gavriel.







The children's book "My brother was"

When an older brother dies, the life of the whole family changes in an instant. The world of the younger siblings overturns and the struggle to cope with the new reality is difficult and extremely complex.


This book follows a child of kindergarten age in Israel in his personal struggle with the loss of an older brother. The book opens the way to understand what it means to cope with mourning, in a way that is relevant to both children and adults. The book can help those children who have experienced the trauma of loss at any age, and it can also serve family, friends and supporters endeavoring to help children who have experienced the trauma of loss.


The story is true, and is enhanced by original illustrations made of clay sculpted especially for the book. A disc of "the song that stops you from being scared", performed by the Hoter family, accompanies the book




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The 48 Midot:

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Children's book

My brother was





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