We know that Gavriel has left us with the responsibility of continuing the light he lit for so many people. Although only 17 at the time of his murder, he was already an example to many, many people from all different ages, ethnic backgrounds, new immigrants, rabbis and peers.


We have completed a number of short term projects during the first year and have started a few projects which we hope will perpetuate over many years. The long term project is a learning center in Gavriel's name. This includes, in its first stage, weekend seminars and workshops on self improvement in accordance with Jewish values for Jewish youth, material for educational projects, lectures and guided nature tours for youth and adults. We have made a short film to accompany the seminars. To book seminars please phone Elaine at 050 887 5552


The short term projects already completed are many and diverse. Gavriel was also a talented artist, we have put online his original slides and his version of the story of Passover written with humor and original art work by Gavriel at the age of 11. On a more serious note, we asked 48 leading rabbis to each write about one of the 48 character traits mentioned in the Ethics of the Fathers. We published this as a book in Hebrew for use in schools colleges and yeshivas each of the chapters is accompanied by stories about Gavriel. Hopefully, we will be able to publish an English version to the book, as a source of inspiration and guidance to us all. Other projects included a CD made by Gavriel's brothers and sisters including original work and songs that accompanied us during the mourning period and a video of Gavriel's life. We tried to make the CD as professional as we could using top musicians to accompany the family and outstanding musical directors. The feedback from the CD has been heart warming. The disc seems to give strength to people who hear it. Another project was this internet site in Hebrew and English.


We produced a children's book helping young children cope with tragedy when a brother dies. There is no such book on the market and too many children and families in Israel need this book. We have worked with psychologists, educators, children's writers and some incredible artists on this project. The book came out in English and Hebrew and received excellent reviews.


We have started working on a new CD which should be out within the year. We have an educational program for schools and groups, including songs and stories. This program is in Hebrew or English and is based on the theme of self improvement and empathy.


We wrote a sefer torah in Gavriel's memory and made an Ark in the new Bet Midrash in the high school where Gavriel studied in Maale Adumim. Here is a clip of the ark and the art day

We run a Talmud Torah for about 200 children after school on a daily basis for the communities around Kfar adumim. Many of the children are subsidized.


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