Aaron especially loved spirituality
He helps everyone immediately
He easily translated what Moses would sing

And didnt try to dominate things.  

Pharaohs Daughter was very spoiled, no doubt.
If she doesnt find her hand cream, she would shout
And her poor father had no way to sneak out.  

And now you must come and learn from everyone, without pride

And when you see this picture

Thats the cue to go to the next slide.  



Let us introduce you to the characters from life
With whom we had so many problems and strife: 

Pharaoh a wicked king Who wanted to kill us within a second.
His name, according to the scientists, is Ramses II.


Moses knew how to sing since he was a kid,
Aaron helped him in everything he did
Moses sang and Aaron translated and uttered
And thats how Moses stuttered.  

The Magicians (in parentheses a wizard,
who, as you have heard, was worth less than a lizard.)

He helped Pharaoh his hairdo to make,
and created the snake.