Moses went out for a vacation in the desert sand,

And came back with such a strange message in hand!

Moses: I, I, I am Moses. G_d revealed Himself to me

In the Sinai Desert, you see

And commanded that his people be released with no delay.

Aaron: In clear Hebrew this is what hes trying to say,

Let My people go that they may serve Me at ease.

[at least thats what it says in the Book of Exodus, if you please ]

Pharaoh: You think so?! I dont listen to bands like yours. If you will,

I only like Egypt on the Hill.

The slave: Im the soloist! (they pay me the bill!)

Moses: I have, have, have, have and have a very dangerous snake

Aaron: Hes trying to say that the staff he will take.

Pharaoh: Im not afraid, you know!

AahNoDont do it! No