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If you don't read Hebrew ...

This blog is devoted to an examination of the integration of the internet in the learning process. Many similar blogs exist in English, barely a handful in Hebrew.

As I try to explain in the Hebrew page about this blog, there's a significant difference between the Israeli "internet in education" community and its English speaking counterpart. This difference is primarily a function of size: while bloggers throughout the English speaking world are familiar with one another primarily through their blogs (and conferences), most of us in Israel who deal with these issues already know each other, and meet rather frequently. It's far from clear that for a community of this size and amount of contact a blog is the best way to further discussion about the issues raised here. Be that as it may, I'm trying.

What gets written here? Well, I'm not new to this field, and often my cynicism runs rather high. I have a tendency to ask questions along the lines of "does this really help kids to learn?", or "could we have achieved the same goal without new technologies?". I do this as someone who is a strong advocate (hell, I make my living through this) but who is also well aware that new emperors tend to wear old clothes.

Much of the first few months of postings deal with blogging and other "Web 2.0" type applications, but various aspects of information literacy and more traditional internet usage will get their day in the sun as well. If you blog about these subjects you may find that I refer to your postings. Frankly, I'd be happy to jump into the fray in English (though too often it's sadly not a fray but simply a chorus of "how great it is") but my community of reference is in Israel, and I devote most of my blogging time to doing so in Hebrew. If you find that you've been mentioned and want to know what I've written, contact me. I'll be happy to offer at least a synopsis.

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