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Malik Yousef, Ph.D.




     Current M.A. students

       Mohamed Ketany(MSc)

       Computer Science - Haifa University

   Past M.A. students

    Segun Jung (MSc 2006)- Wistar Institute

    Now he is a PhD student at  NYU.























Educational Background:

2003-2007 : Post-Doctoral Fellow at Prof. Louise C. Showe Laboratory, The Wistar Institute (2003 at the Center for Bioinfromatics,UPENN)

1996-2001: Ph.D., Math and Computer Science - Haifa University, Haifa, Israel

Dissertation: Automated Document Classification Trained with Positive Examples Exclusively.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Larry Manevitz

1993-1996:      M.A., Mathematics and Computer Science - Haifa University, Haifa, Israel

Thesis: Automatic Mesh Generation Using Self-Organizing Neural Networks.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Larry Manevitz, Co-Advisor: Dr. Dan Givoli, Technion Institute Graduated CUM LAUDE  (completed a degree with distinction )

1991-1993:      B.A., Mathematics and Computer Science - Haifa University, Haifa, Israel

Research Interests:

Bioinformatics: Machine Learning for microRNA Gene Predictions and Microarray Dataset Analysis

In General: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Information Retrieval, Text Classification, Text Classification Using Only Positive Examples, User Interest Modeling, Intelligent Agents

Computational Tools:

         BayesMiRNAfind : microRNA identification using a Nave Bayes classifier

         Bayes-SVM-MIRNAmicroRNA identification based Naive Bayes and SVM

         One-classMiRNAfind  : One-Class approach for microRNA gene identification

         NBmiRTarNave Bayes for miRNA Target gene prediction

         SVM-RCE : Recursive Cluster Elimination for Classification and Feature Selection

         SVM-RNE: Recursive Network Elimination (SVM-RNE)

Adaptor for caBIG projects:

VISDA (caBIG): Visual and Statistical Data Analyzer, a tool that is used for multivariate cluster-modeling, discovery, and visualization. (I was the key person from Showe Lab)


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